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I am creating a booking web app using Softr and Airtable. At the moment suppliers list vacancies using a Softr form and this form creates a vacancy record in the ‘Booking availability’ table in Airtable. Each vacancy has a book now button which automatically passes the record ID and logged in user name to Airtable and creates a record in the ‘bookings’ table. I need to link together the ‘booking availability’ and the ‘booking’ tables to enable the customer name to be populated in the ‘booking availability’ table. The ‘booking’ table pulls the record ID of the vacancy listed in the ‘booking availability’ table. Can I use an automation so that when a record is created in ‘bookings’ it automatically finds a match to the record ID and then updates the record in ‘booking availability’ to add the customer name?

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Hi Gemma, yeah that’s doable, but I would suggest that you link the records together and do a lookup of the username instead of updating the record with the customer name

I’ve put a working version together for you here and you should be able to view the automation.

So the idea is to create a link between the Bookings and Booking Availability tables, and trigger an automation whenever a new record gets created in the Bookings table.

You mentioned the record ID of the record in the Booking Availability table is passed in to the Bookings table, and so the automation pastes that record ID into the link field. We then have a lookup field that will display the Logged in username value in the Booking Availability table.

May I know if it’s possible to get Softr to update the link field with said record ID instead? That way you wouldn’t even have to make this automation

Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 3.14.44 PM
Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 3.18.22 PM

Thanks! That seems to work - I think I have to run it via an automation though as Softr gives me an error if I try and pass the record ID directly to the link field - I think because it can’t pass records to lookup formula fields.

Hi Gemma, hmm that’s odd. I’m able to use Softr to update linked fields directly. Our setups are probably different in some way; let me know if you’re interested in investigating this

@Adam_TheTimeSavingCo - sorry for the delay, the reply went into my spam folder so only just seen it. Yes, would be interested in investigating - I just get this error when I try to pass the record ID into a linked field in my Airtable.

Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 12.53.43