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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey there! I'm trying to have a Next Milestone field automatically update. 

In my Projects records I have a "Next Milestone" field that I would like to automatically update to the next milestone "Task" as we move through the project. I'm currently trying an automation like this:

Trigger: When a record matches conditions if Task Due Date is after today

Action: Update record -
Table: Projects
Record ID: Airtable Record ID
Fields: Next Milestone - Airtable Record ID

It's obviously not working but I'm hoping someone can help. Thanks in advanced!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @cvoith ,

There's not much info on your table names and the current setup of your automation, but from what I read, the field Next Milestones needs to be filled with another record ID than the AIrtable Record ID. I'm assuming you have a Projects table and a tasks table, and in that case the field "Next Milestone" needs to be filled with the record ID from the Tasks table. 

Hey Marielle, Yes the "Next Milestone" field is what I'm looking to be filled with the record from that "Tasks" table thats next. I missed that I have the trigger set on the "Tasks" table, so when "Task" is on or after today. So then the Action should be 

Action: Update record
Table: Projects
Record ID: "Next Milestone" - on Projects table (but it only gives me options from the Tasks table)
Fields: Next Milestone - Airtable Record ID also on Projects table?


I continually get confused by the Record ID and Field sections of automations, apologize. So what should the action look like? 



@cvoith Hmm it might help if you share some screenshots of your automation. 

How do you know the Record ID from the Projects table? Is the Task already linked with the project in some way before being linked in the field "Next milestone"? Also, is there supposed to be one linked record in the Next Milestone field? Or can there be multiple tasks?