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Monthly Recurring Tasks

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Hi All,

Im not sure if this has been asked before. I tried searching for it but could not find a solution. So here it goes.

Im trying to do a simple recurring monthly subscription record.

For Example:
John is billed every 13th of the month. On his record there is a checkbox, bill date and next bill date.
The next billdate is a formula that adds 30 days from the bill date.
I have created a view called Monthly. When John makes a payment, the check box will be checked and it will appear on the monthly view. I wanted to uncheck this boc 7 days before the next bill date and how do I update the next bill date so it would add 30 days everytime?

Any suggestions?

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Found a solution through an automation - thanks!

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Well, you’re probably in the right subforum. Automations and the Scripting block aren’t your only options though. But for clarity, the former would run sporadically to check for new customers, while the latter you’d run yourself by clicking a run script button every now and then.

Assuming you’re willing to think outside of the checkbox, though, you should be able to get this behavior with formula fields alone, since the pattern sounds identical for every customer, with the only variable sans their identities being the date on which they get billed. Why check a box after inserting the payment details if a formula field can do it for you? Why do the paperwork by hand, at all? Assuming I understood you correctly, that is.

The check box is checked when I receivded the payment and manually issued an invoice.

Found a solution through an automation - thanks!