Need automation that lets user know that they submitted a form without an attachment

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a form that requires an attachment for a conditional field. I’ve tested the form and I haven’t been able to submit without the attachment, but others are getting through without the attachment, which means the team has to follow up and request the additional information.

I’ve tried to create an automation that will email the person submitting the form that they forgot an attachment, but the automation has failed. Does anyone have suggestions on how to set something up or to help us ensure the user includes the attachment(s)?


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Did you make the attachments field a required field on the form?

What do you mean the automation failed? Please be more specific. You can just create an automation that sends an email if the attachment field is empty.

Yes, the attachment field is required. The automation fails due to an empty “To” field.
See screenshots.

So you’ll need to make sure that at least one of your records matches the trigger condition, and then re-test your trigger… then re-test your action. Then things should work.

(Note that if you have multiple records that match the trigger condition, you won’t always be able to predict which record Airtable will use as the trigger test record. And it WILL send out an actual email when you test the action condition.)

That’s why there is a “Preview Email” button so you can see everything filled out (or not filled out, in this case) without actually emailing anyone

Oh, that’s right, I forgot about the Preview button! So just re-test your trigger, and then PREVIEW the email instead of testing the “send email” action again.

In addition to figuring out the automation for sending the email when there is no attachment, it sounds like there is the larger issue of why people are able to submit the form without the attachment.

Are the conditions on the form setup improperly?

Could the records be created is some manner other than through the form?

one way around this is to temporarily create a new check box field that also is required in your automation- to then check this only on your “Test” record and then proceed.

Once you are happy with this then remove this aspect of the automation trigger and then the field

Not super smooth - but effective

I agree. I’m fairly certain I have the conditions set up properly. Records can only be created via the form (unless you have a login), so it’s a mystery to me.

That’s a good idea! I like the idea of having another statement on the form that forces them to “confirm” they’ve attached all required documentation. Thanks!