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Need to take several row values, process the values (currently done in spreadsheet), write the result as a single array into a cell

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The processing (or calculations) I need to perform are currently done in a Google Sheet. The calculations in the sheet are straightforward but have about 20 steps, and the final result is a string (an array) in a cell in the Google Sheet. I want that result in a cell back in AirTable.

I am sure there’s a way to write a custom script with Javascript in an Automation and write result to the cell. I’ve started, but I’m not strong with JS. I would like to explore other more low/nocode ways do these calculations. I imagine there exists some other low/nocode SaaS tool that you can build a little black-box app with build business logic and calculations and spit out a result.

In summary, here’s what I’m currently doing that I need to automate without Google Sheets:

  • Row in AirTable has 5 values.
  • I manually copy those 5 values into a Google Sheet, which does a bunch of calculations, involving creating a 12-period time series with about 20 rows of partial calculations, ultimately collecting the final row of 12 values into a cell as a text string, formatted like an array
  • Paste that string back into AirTable

Any apps or integrations that I can perform what I’m doing currently in Google Sheets in an automated fashion that doesn’t involve writing a bunch of code? After all, I could create the output desired in a Sheet… seems there ought to be some other tool to swap in for Google Sheets.

Thanks for any thoughts/ideas!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey all, the solution to the original challenge is:

Turns a Google Spreadsheet into a JSON API.

See Solution in Thread

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all no-code solutions including calculation of summary value of several records done by linking all them to single record in other table and doing something with that, using rollup, and/or formulas.

Here you can find a lot of info that may help you:

Are there any no-code, low-code solutions outside of AirTable?

Thanks Alexey for your contribution. I see a potential way to do it in AirTable with computation tables with lots of rollups and formulas, but it seems a very messy.

Maybe the best thing to do is to consider hiring someone to re-create my spreadsheet calculations in custom Javascript.

Hey Ian,

Without fully seeing what you’re trying to do, you might be able to accomplish this with our no-code On2Air Action app.

It has over 60+ functions that work directly with Airtable, including a Airtable > Google Sheets sync, Math calculations, and a VLOOKUP option if needed (among other options)


Math calculations

Here’s a list of all the functions and features

If this interests you, you can try it out on the trial. Feel free to reach out in the chat about what you’re trying to do.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey all, the solution to the original challenge is:

Turns a Google Spreadsheet into a JSON API.