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Nested conditions in Automation Trigger not available yet

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It looks like right now it is not possible to create nested conditions in Automations for the Trigger.

For instance, my trigger would say:

  1. WHEN… (part 1)
  2. AND … (part 2)
  3. … OR (part 3a)
    … OR (part 3b)

Either part 3a or 3b will fulfil the point # 3.

I know this can be done by adding the OR conditional field (for 3a and 3b) right in the table and then reference the # 3 condition here without using OR statement.

Just wanted to confirm this is currently a limitations, correct?


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Correct, you can’t nest AND/OR filters, but you can do that inside a Formula field and use that as the trigger.

IF(AND(1, OR(2, 3)), "true", "false")