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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

When editing an automation that uses the Find Records module, the "Test Action" function outputs the resulting records in a nice pop up table. How can I get this same functionality with the published interface/automation? If I don't add an output, then initiating the automation from the interface (in my case a button), yields a "Started" notice at the bottom left, but then nothing. I've been able to get the output to go generate a GoogleDoc, but this is cumbersome. I really just need to be able to Copy the text (and paste it into an existing email reply).

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

How about table output like in the article?
How to Create Email Digests with Automations | Airtable Support

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

But I don't want to send the results as an email. What I want is so much simpler. I just want resulting grid of records to pop up (as text) so I can copy it. Just exactly like you get when testing the automation. I've searched the docs and the forums and etc and it frustratingly seems like this simple thing is just not possible.

Depends on how complicated your configuration within that automation is when finding those records.

The simple thing would be to have your interface with a connected "Filter Element" and a "Grid Element".

I think this is still possible if the records you're searching for have a few more complicated steps to finding them; ie only records that are linked to a specific record in another table. But those steps can easily be added depending on the situation.

I don't quite understand. The interface is letting the user pick one record. The automation (Find Records) is then keyed off that one record to find other records. I don't see any way to link another interface from the automation.

RIght. I think probably misunderstood the purpose of what you need. I was thinking that you could possibly have a separate interface made to do the searching of the records you'd like to reference or somehow format it within the "Allow Users to open record details" feature.

Really depends on how complicated your "Find Records" conditions are in that automation. It's more complicated if you're using dynamic conditions, but it's still possible with a few clunky workarounds.

To be explicit, the table has: date, name, status. The interface has a Calendar. User clicks on an entry and on the resulting dialog there's a button. The button fires an automation with a Find Records with a dynamic condition on Name field. So it returns on the records that also have that same Name. The user needs to copy this list (of date, name, status) into a document they are composing. To me it all seems VERY simple and I am confounded that in the list of "integrations", airtable lacks a simple "just show the list of records"!?!

Ah I see! Here's a possible work around:

In the calendar, have a blank Link to the other table you're running your "Find Records". Add a step to update the calendar with the found records.

In your interface, make a grid view of this new field within that opened calendar event.

This will add all the found records to the Calendar event, and then you'll be able to display them on the interface for you to copy out. Each time the button is clicked with a different name, it should replace the cell contents.

Let me know if this works for you 🙂