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8 - Airtable Astronomer


I’m trying to use the script to automate the emails in my database. I’m pretty new in airtable, so I’m trying to figure it out.

This is a fake example of my database:


I want to create a code that sends emails only to people that have the status “To send,” and I would like, for example, Sara will receive 2 emails:


  1. common email with Suzi (The email should have both emails as “To”)


I know how to send a common email to everyone, but I would like that everyone will have a personalized email.

First of all, is it possible to do it? I’m not sure about it.

Secondly, Can someone help me, or give me any clues or resources to look at? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Sara

Welcome to Airtable Community !

First of all, are you planning on using Airtable Automations?

Second, to be able to do “all emails in the to: field” then you need to have a schedule because otherwise it will tigger for every record individually.

Third, to send those emails for Report A and Report C separately, you need to have a different view for each of them. Is this doable for you? Another work around would be to have the Reports as a Linked Records Field (i.e.: they will have their own table, and therefore the sending 1 email to multiple recipients will be even easier)

Let me know your thoughts

Hi, Thank you very much for the welcome and for your fast reply!

Yes, I’m trying to use Airtable automation.

About the 2nd point, when you said “Schedule”, do you mean sending emails to each group of people at a different time or day?
About the 3rd point of your answer, my real database has more than 300 different reports, and creating a different view for each of them, it should be a long process and probably really confusing. Is there any other way? In my Real database, I have a view of the reports as a linked records field.

What I mean by “Schedule” is the trigger for the automation.

Since you have the Reports already as a Linked Record field, then you should use that in your automation instead. You can use a Rollup “ArrayUnique(values)” or a Lookup to get all the email addresses from the Table 1 (which I assume is a Contacts or Users table) then use this email field to
trigger the emails. Now comes the part of how to start your automation, do you want to send it daily or when something happens? If it’s daily then you can set the trigger as At Scheduled Time.

I need emails every 3 days before the deadline (another column I didn’t add to the fake database).

So do you think that I don’t have to use the script? I can have the same results without coding?

Sorry for all those questions :pray:

Its always a pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I dont think you will need a script, just the steps in the automation.

If you want to send it every 3 days you can have a formula in one of the fields that would say “Trigger” or something and you can then use it as a condition in your automation instead of the Schedule.

I need to try playing with it a little. I hope that it will solve my problem.

Thank you again! :grinning: I won’t close the question, just if someone else will find a different solution, in case your solution wouldn’t work.

Sure thing , let us know how it works out for you :slightly_smiling_face:

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer






I probably did something wrong… or otherwise, it doesn’t work this method… As you can see, Sara will receive an email with “A” and “C”.

Yes, the condition is set in Table 1 instead of Reports table. You need to Rollup the value from Table 1 (probably using Max to get the latest date) into table Reports. THEN use this as the condition so the data will come from Reports table (1 per report) instead of Table 1 (1 per user)

@Sara To created personalized emails in bulk using Airtable’s Automations, you can use the trick that I demonstrate in this episode of the BuiltOnAir podcast: