Possible to create html/css -layout in automation "send Gmail"?

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6 - Interface Innovator


I'm looking at trying to create a simple invoice e-mail to be sent out as a result of an automation. I can basically get all the needed data in, but struggle with getting visually at least semi-appealing ;).

I read the manual about markdown and that some html can be used. I also looked at the instructions regarding including images in the mail. However:

  1. with the limited html on offer, has anybody been able to build any form of layout (other than vertical listing 😉 )? Could CSS and <span> be used to, say, get a right side header column? Or should I try to build views of the relevant tables and insert the data as grids?
  2. if I include images (one top banner, one logo) as attachments from a table, they are not just plain images, but have some frames around them. They are also clickable links, which is not good. Based on the instructions I can't decipher if it's possible to have inline images *that are not linked*, but actually a part of the mail, and without being links?

Thank you,


PS. I know there are external tools that could do this, but I'd prefer keeping it in one system.


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It is possible to include limited inline CSS in automation emails. However, it is still very limited. It is not possible to embed images completely in the body of the email. Images must be attachments or references to images hosted elsewhere.

You may be happier with the result if you use a third party service capable of sending true html, like Make or Zapier.

Thank you!