Pre-populating a lookup field with conditional values from said field

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there.
I have a seemingly simple task that I have been struggling with for a few days now.

I have a ‘Team’ table that has a checkbox field for each record/member that selects them as being a member of the ‘Forward Sales Team’. I have an ‘Incoming Sales’ table that gets populated from a Gravity Form on the company website. I’m using Integromat to facilitate the transfer of data between Gravity forms and Airtable.

What I would like to do is pre-populate a field that is linked to ‘Team’ with only members that have the ‘Forward Sales Team’ box checked.

I have gotten as far as limiting the selections available in my linked field to only those that have the box checked via a custom view. I just need those team members to actually be selected when a new record is created and not have to go add them manually each time.

I have gotten close with automations and with Integromat…but I keep falling short for one reason or another.

So I guess the question is how do I populate a field in one table with only the ‘Checked’ records in another field. I feel like there is a really simple solution that I am over looking.

Thank you in advance for your help. i have been searching these forums for quite sometime but haven’t stumbled across the particular solution.

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