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4 - Data Explorer

Hey all,

I'm working on setting up a tracker for my team, but I'd like to set it up so that our final milestone in the Gantt chart is a fixed date that cannot be changed. The milestone date represents our client delivery date that we cannot pass, so if previous dependencies shift, I don't want the milestone to change. It's fine, almost preferable, if we get a warning that there's something wrong. Is there a way to set it as a fixed deadline?

I'm new to the community and still learning, so if you need more information, I'm happy to provide it!

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One possible solutions is to have a separate {Client Delivery Date} date in addition to the {Start Date} and {End Date} fields. Then use a formula field to compare the {End Date} to the {Client Delivery Date} date (if there is one), and display a warning if the the {End Date} is after the {Final Milestone} date. The {Client Delivery Date} could be a lookup/rollup of a date in a parent project record for all of the tasks in the Gantt.