Pulling a record from a different table based on primary field's value?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Airtables Community!

I'm wondering if this is even possible with Airtables?

I have 2 separate bases ["Shipment Report" & "Customer Report"]

Shipment Report Base has tables to keep track of all our shipments [Air, Ocean, Ground, etc.]

Customer Report Base has tables specifically for each customer so they can view and keep track of what's going on with their shipments [customer #001 table, customer #002 table, etc.]

Our office only edits tables inside Shipment Report. I set up each table with the primary field "Customer ID". I have created a unique identification code for each of our customers. For example, "001" is tied to "customer #001". So, when a record is created the first thing we input is the Customer ID to know who the customer is.

"Customer #001" will have their own tables in Customer Report Base. I would like to have each customer's table be linked to the shipment report but only pull records that pertain to them. For example, if we have 10 records in our shipment report and only 2 of them are for customer #001. I want customer #001's table to be able to identify, pull the 2 records, and copy onto its own table.

If somebody goes to edit the record, I would like for customer #001's table to automatically re-pull and update the record on its own as well.

Is there a better way to organize this data? I created unique identification codes and placed it as a primiary field to make it easier to single out a record based on numeric values.


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Can't edit my original post, but hopefully this will make it a bit easier to understand.

2 BASES and their respective TABLES listed.

BASE#1: Shipment Report

  • TABLE#1: Air Shipments
  • TABLE#2: Ocean Shipments

BASE#2: Customer Reports

  • Customer #001 Air Shipments ---> Pull records from Air Shipments table only with primary field value matching "#001"
  • Customer #001 Ocean Shipments
  • Customer #002 Air Shipments
  • Customer #002 Ocean Shipments