Question on matching names between tables and adding a number

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone,

I currently have 2 tables ("Lesson Tracker" & Student Record").

What the lesson tracker does is that each new entry is basically a record of the student's name and the date of the lesson they attended.

The student record table is essentially a database of the students, with their name, contact info, as well as a column counting how many lessons they have attended in total.

What I would like is:
1. Every time there is a new entry on the lesson tracker, an automation runs which first matches the student name on the new entry to the corresponding student row on the student record table.
3. Once this matches, a lesson is added to the number of lessons column. Eg. If the student already attended 3 lessons, then this new entry would turn 3 into 4.

The ideal scenario is this: 

"Sam Smith" attends a lesson on 10/1/2024, so a new entry is made on the lesson tracker. When this happens, an automation runs so that this entry matches with the "Sam Smith" row on the student record table. Let's say "Sam Smith" already attended 3 lessons, so this new entry would automatically add a lesson to the "number of lessons column" and go from 3 to 4.  

Any idea of how I can configure the automation to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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