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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to set 2 different automations - one to trigger an email to team members every time a new task/record is created and also one that triggers an email to the assignee when the task is coming due. I have tried several different automations to accomplish this, with limited success. Initially, the test runs successfully, but once I turn it on and add new records to test, nothing happens. I’ve tried “when a record enters a view” with a filter of a due date, and only future dates and it initially works, but when I add test records, I get nothing?? The same is true for the automation I’ve tried for new records.

I would also like to have an email triggered if a due date and/or assigned person is changed at any point in time within an existing record. No success here either after initial tests.

It’s telling me something about my workspace reaching the limit of automation runs??? Will it reset February 1st and retro send any that failed for this reason?

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