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Re-connected Gmail account in mailing automations (Pro/free plans)

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Dear Community,
Could you please help me?
I upgraded my Airtable plan to Pro and migrated all required databases. Unfortunately my automation (send emails via google account) was re-connected, because I created it with a different gmail account within my free workspace. For now this gmail account has “read-only” access in my Pro workspace. And now I need to connect it again in order to send emails.
My question here is: in case, if I connect my colleague’s account, which has only restricted access in this database, will he counts as a collaborator in my “Pro” workspace?
Thank you!

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If I understand you correctly, you should be able to connect any gmail account as long as you have the credentials for that account as a function of the automation. Re adding the collaborator, you would just add the new email as a connected account for gmail. Then the option will be there for your automation triggers

You aren’t giving them access or adding them as a collaborator at that address just using it as a connected account.