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4 - Data Explorer

I am working on a form that has conditions. For example, if a person is filling out the form and they have 3 options

1. Enhancement Request

2. Update

3. General Support

If the person clicks the 'enhancement request' I'd like for that person to be redirected to anothe rform for a different airtable that asks all the questions about enhancements. 

Thank you for any help!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I would do this by having 3 buttons on a page instead of a form as your entry point. Then each button points to its own form.


What @Dan_Montoya said above is the quickest, easiest, and most straightforward solution!

However, if you'd like to conditionally take people to different forms based on previous answers that they have answered, you would need to turn to 3rd-party form apps for that. 

The two best 3rd-party form apps for Airtable are JotForm and Fillout.

Both of these form apps offer multi-page conditional forms.

What that means is that you can automatically redirect your user to different pages of your form, based on previous answers that they have answered on the form.

I've been a long-time fan of JotForm for almost 10 years, but Fillout is really the best & most exciting 3rd-party form app for Airtable because it natively communicates in real-time with your Airtable base, and it even lets you update Airtable records from a form. It also offers dozens of other advanced Airtable-specific features, such as displaying Airtable lookup fields, Airtable rollup fields, and formulas on your form.