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I have a table that contains Tasks. These are assigned to User using the User/Collaborator field.

I want to be able to create an automation that runs daily, finds all the tasks in a view (Follow-up today) and then send an email to each User that is found in this view with a list of all there tasks. 

I'm trying to think of the best way of doing this without different views for each user. I was thinking I need to find a unique list of users that are in that view and then have a repeating step  to find all tasks in that view associated to that user and then send them an email. 

I'm not sure how to find unique users that have tasks in that view as there will be multiple tasks for the same users.

Any advise appreciated?








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@AlliAlosa presented how to do this on this episode of the BuiltOnAir podcast.

This is also possible to do with Make's Airtable Automations, but Alli shows how to do it natively in Airtable without depending on any external apps.

Thanks Scott. The demo shows how to do this if the first 'find' have unique records in. The repeat can then loop through each and send the email.

My problem is that I'm using the 'find' to find tasks that have a follow up of today, now there could be multiple for the same person so this means the repeat will potentially send multiple email to the same person 

What I ideally what to do its find all users that have at least one task due to follow up today. Then repeat through those Users a search to find all tasks and then send them the email. 

With these being users there is no way to search for them to see if they have any tasks to follow up today. Does that make any sense? I can probably do it with Make but trying to avoid it