Running a Zapier task for each attendee in a google calendar event?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I might be using the wrong search terms to find an answer that already exists.

I want to have a calendar event get logged in Airtable associated with contacts in a rough CRM I created.

My current set up.

Trigger - Google Calendar Event Ends
Action - Text Split attendees email
Action - Find contact by email in Airtable
(if found)
Action - Create new record in a table linked to the found contact.

But for the find contact by email, I can only chooses one email to run. I don’t know how (if you even can) basically run the find contact/create record for each email.

I’m still a bit new to Airtable and Zapier, but have been able to figure out most other stuff that I’ve tried to do. Help would be appreciated.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@Carl_Labanz did you find a solution for this? I am trying to create something similar and having some trouble.

No, I never figured this out as I can recall. Ended up doing something else that worked out.

But if you have access to Looping by Zapier, which is in Beta, then that works because it lets you split out a list of emails (or other things). There’s also some javascript you can run to split up text.

This is from one of the Zapier events.

var firstName = ‘’;
var middleName = ‘’;
var lastName = ‘’;

var fullName = inputData.fullName.trim();
var arrFullName = fullName.trim().split(’ ');

var numNames = arrFullName.length;

if (fullName == ‘’) { numNames = 0; } // only needed to reflect fullName is blank
switch (numNames) {
case 0:
case 1:
firstName = arrFullName[0];
case 2:
firstName = arrFullName[0];
lastName = arrFullName[1];
firstName = arrFullName[0];
lastName = arrFullName[numNames - 1];
var i;
for (i = 1; i < numNames - 1; i++) {
middleName += arrFullName[i] + ’ ';
middleName = middleName.trim();

output = [{ firstName, middleName, lastName }];