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Hey All,

I’m trying to run a simple automation, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

I building a directory of growth hacks in an airtable base with a subject, description, category and image. There are 4 main categories (e.g. SEO, Paid Ads, Tools & Productivity). For each category I have an image (4 images). The automation I want to run is that whenever I add another growth hack (subject & description) and I assign a category to them, that the respective image will be added automatically.

So “When I assign a growth hack to a category, the image belonging to that category should be added automatically to the image section”.

I would to get some help on this one.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

This is not the solution you are asking for, but I suggest you store your categories in a separate table, including both the category name and the image in that table. Use a lookup field to pass the image from the categories table to the original table. When you select the category, the lookup field will display the image with no automation necessary.