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4 - Data Explorer

Dear community,

This is my first time posting here but I would like a script that allows me to find > 100 records. Automations has a limit of 100. All the script needs to do is find all the records in my 'user' and update them as linked records in a column in the 'retention' table.

Reason for this is that I want to calculate the retention of the user base, unfortunately I have 1300 records/users that I need to include all of them in this calculation. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer



// Initializing the Table!
let users_table = base.getTable("Users");
// Load the Users records
let queryResult = await users_table.selectRecordsAsync(
fields: users_table.fields
// Extract the IDS of the Students
let usersIDS = =>
output.set("List of 'Airtable User record ID'", usersIDS)

Your script looks like it will work well. Some methods in Automations are limited, where you’ll have to setup a batching mechanism to update 1000’s of records (which I’ve only ever needed in testing, never production). But simply finding and returning records isn’t limited as such. Any limits are typically mentioned in the support doco.

With one 30 second automation script, you can find and return many, almost countless records - but I’m found you can only update ~6,000 records before the 30 second limit times-out.