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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Many times we wish to have a single select or multi select field automatically choose an output based on other fields. Automations are useful for this, but are limited and become convoluted as a separate module, especially when you have many of these use cases in one table.

It would be very useful to have a single select or multi select field with an inbuilt formula box, where the select output could be determined by the formula. You could then introduce another option to lock formula mapping (ie no ability to edit), or freeze mapping, where an Auto value output would generate unless the field was manually overwritten.

The workaround at present is to create three Fields, 1 select field for manual input, 1 formula field for automated input and one last official formula field to take the most relevant of the two previous outputs. This generates clunky database design, similar to when there was no today() function.

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The workaround that I personally use is via a Script Extension, where the user can be guided through record creation that uses javascript filter() methods based on what class those selection items are assigned. It works well enough within the script - however, with Scripts not being available within either View Forms or Interfaces, this Scripted Extension has limited use.

Along with many others, I've been wanting Airtable to either patch in the ability to pre-filter Linked Field selections in table A (by using lookup values in their origin table B) - and similarly, filter Single/Multi-select fields pending record lookups on other fields within that table A.

Preferably, its desirable if these improvements could be made to existing fields - however, at this stage I'd even settle for a new type of field that supports this feature (but I doubt it should come to this, and rather the existing Linked, Single and Multiselect fields just need the extra filter feature layer added to them...)