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4 - Data Explorer


I send automated emails to my referral sources updating the status of their referrals.  I would like to keep the color formatting and in particular the graphic from the progress bar that shows up in airtable.  However, when the automation runs, it only shows the progress in a numerical value.  Is there a way to bring the progress bar to life in the automation?  DW



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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

If only! But it won't display the same in Automations currently 😥

A workaround in the meantime, while less ideal, is a formula using REPT()

Here's a simple example:

It uses the following formula:

REPT(“█”,{Vote Count})

Where ‘Vote Count’ is a Count field for every linked Poll Entry submitted.

Note this is the formula for the graph only while the combined ‘Vote Graph’ field shown in the embedded grid view above is another formula which combines the Vote Count and Graphs together.

I added these equations to the ‘Vote Graph’ description so anyone can see this in the embedded grid view now.