Set up automation to add a record when one is created in a different table

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4 - Data Explorer

I have created a table with all of the accounts/venues that we work with on a regular basis. I have also created a table that I want to reflect the accounts/venue table but it is used to show their availability.

Is there a way to create an automation for when I add a new account into the account/venue table, it will also add that same record in the avails table so I know that I need to get their availability?

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That doesn’t sound like the best way to setup your database.

All of your accounts/venues should be in the same table. If you want to see different things at different times about those accounts, then you can create different views.

You can learn more about views in the Airtable support article below, or in my free Airtable training course below:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Ok…that makes sense. How would I put in a account/venue’s record their available dates so that it can reflect on a calendar view?

I’m assuming your Availibility table needs to include the name of the account/venue in some form

The manual version would just be:

  1. Create a link field between the Accounts table and the Availability table
  2. Every time you create a record in the Accounts table, copy and paste their unique name into the link field, which would automatically create a record in the Availability table

If you’re trying to do this with an automation, this gets slightly more complicated.

If you’re updating the Accounts table via a Form, then, great! You can just set up an automation with the trigger “When record created” and you’re good to go

If not, you’re going to have to set up a field that checks the time since creation like so:

And then your automation will use “When record meets conditions” where time since creation is more than 1 minute to trigger and create a new field in the other table.

You have to do this because, if you don’t, you’ll end up with records in Availibility with half of the account/venue’s name or something, due to the automation running before you had finished typing in the name.

I’ve set up a version here. You can duplicate it to view the formula / automation

Re: how to make a calendar view
I’m assuming there are multiple available date ranges for each account/venue, so you’d need to have one record for each