Set up Sendgrid Emails using Integromat

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4 - Data Explorer

Can anyone please recommend a developer that can easily set up emails in Airtable using Integromat and Sendgrid.
I’d really like to keep all our comms inside Airtable but can’t seem to find anyone that can set this up. I’ve tried several different people on platforms like Upwork but to no avail.
Not asking too much but I would like to:

  1. Segment our database with tags
  2. Set up email we can send to groups of people
  3. Add a HTML style newsletter we can send to everyone

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the community, @Ronan_Leonard!

I can definitely help you with this. I am an expert Airtable consultant and an Integromat Expert+ Partner.

Please feel free to contact me through my website, and we can setup a time for a Zoom videochat this week: