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4 - Data Explorer

I am creating an automation between airtable and slack, so when a record is created in a view in airtable it notifies a slack channel, and tags people based on another field - but I'm having a few issues!

In the record we have today's date, the task type, details about the task, the scheduled date and the member of staff needing to be notified. If no staff member is mentioned, it notifies the channel

I have the trigger set up as "When a record enters a view" and a delay totaling 116 seconds (multiple scripts one after another) with an action to find the record. In the run history this is complete, and it shows the fields and their content - however the slack notification is not including any of the fields in the message. Additionally, if 2 members of staff are tagged, it only actions the first one, then finishes the automation.


Any help appreciated, some images attached

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