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Split one record in multiple records

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Hi all,

I need to create from a single record, multiple record, in the same table. If in one field there is a specified keyword, I would not a single row but 2 or more records. Is it possbile?

The "source" record could be added from a form or if is it possibile from an email.

Thank you very much.


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Yes, this is absolutely possible with an Automation Script. If you provide some mock-up data, some split keywords and a screenshot or two - I can provide a sample script for you to use.


I try to explain my needs. 

A first form where I can insert a name and a date. After I push a botton:

If the name is "....." then create one or more new record on the master base, with other fields that I set in the automation.

For example: if in the first form the name is Luca then I would to create 2 (or more) new records in the main database with this field:

Name="Luca", Date=date_in_the_form, Reason="rent", Cost="100,00"

Name="Luca", Date=date_in_the_form, Reason="utility", Cost="50,00"

I hope I explain my requests.


You could definitely no-code a solution for this - such as with two tables;

First table with a Form View - and form entry is critical for no-code automation to trigger record creation, where the name of the trigger record is being copied into subsequent fields. A form allows the complete capture of the name upon form submission - where other trigger methods often result in empty data being used upon triggering an automation.



Second Table where the automated records are created.



Automation could look something like this - note that the trigger is upon when a form is submitted;






Thank you very much.

a question: if in the form I would like to create many buttons, and for every button I create an automation that create multiple records with all the fields that I would to insert in the second database, is it possible?


With an Interface Form, yes, this can be done - but limited to one automation per button, which is frustrating. I hope Airtable Devs allow for one automation to be tied to many buttons soon.