Spliting Records based on linked field

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello there,

I’ve been using airtable to match candidate and job posting thanks to link field.

Most of the time, one candidate fits many job posting, so the linked field contains multiple records in it.

I would like to create a new record in a different table based on each of these linked record. Is there a way to do that without scripting in Airtable ?

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I don’t think you’re able to split up the linked records in separate new records without using something like Integromat.

You could make multiple new records in a different table from 1 candidate via automations (using eg “when record enters a view” and make a view per job offer), but it will still show both or more job posting in the same field.

@Databaser yes, that’s what I figured. So I’m using Parabola instead. Works like a charm !