Srcipt calling openAI Assistant API getting a 307 "Temporary Redirect" error

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I am trying to call openAI's API for an Assistant I build, but constantly get this redirect error: 


O: Error: Response status was 307 'Temporary Redirect' but redirect mode was set to 'error'
    at queryAssistant on line 11    at processAndUpdateRecords on line 51    at async main on line 60


 The code is as follows

(line 11 is: let response = await remoteFetchAsync('', {

51: const aiResponse = await queryAssistant(domain);

60: await processAndUpdateRecords();)



// Define the API key and model

let apiKey = 'API_Key'; // Replace with your actual API key

let model = 'gpt-4-1106-preview'; // Replace with your chosen model


// Function to query the Assistant AI

async function queryAssistant(domain) {

let response = await remoteFetchAsync('', {

method: 'POST',

headers: {

'Authorization': `Bearer ${apiKey}`,

'OpenAI-Beta': 'assistants=v1',

'Content-Type': 'application/json'


body: JSON.stringify({

model: model,

prompt: domain,

max_tokens: 200 // Adjust as needed




if (!response.ok) {

console.error("API request failed:", response.status, response.statusText);

return "API request failed";



let data = await response.json();


if (data.choices && data.choices.length > 0) {

return data.choices[0].text;

} else {

console.error("No response from AI:", data);

return "No response from AI";




// Function to process records and update Airtable

async function processAndUpdateRecords() {

const table = base.getTable("AccountsStaging"); // Replace with your table name

const queryResult = await table.selectRecordsAsync({fields: ["Domain", "Process", "GPT Crypto Exposure"]});

const records = queryResult.records;


for (let record of records) {

if (record.getCellValue("Process") && record.getCellValue("Domain")) {

const domain = record.getCellValue("Domain");

const aiResponse = await queryAssistant(domain);


await table.updateRecordAsync(, {

"GPT Response": aiResponse






await processAndUpdateRecords();

Tried different code versions (like leaving out "messages" in the response URL), but never got beyond this error. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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