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7 - App Architect

Hi, so I just setup a task table linked to my contacts with a date w/ time field… so… what I would like is… of course a reminder of these tasks. These are actually call back reminders from my CRM (like if someone says call me tomorrow after 1pm or whatever).

So… what I want is an automated email every morning at like 6am for all the tasks (call backs) due for that day… and then… perhaps if possible… some kind of… SMS… reminder of a callback for that day… heck even a phone notifications, or a ding or whatever.

So… anyway the second part (ding) is not that important I guess because I could just set it myself but… the email atuomation on the day - I’m guessing that’s not a crazy ask right?

EDIT: I’m playing with automations now but obviously like… I’d like to be able to have one “batch” email sent - so like let’s say I have 5 call backs… instead of 5 emails… 1 email! With all the batches! Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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Hi @Kosta_Kondratenko ,

The email part is very easy. First you need to make a view in the table where the filter is the task due date is today.

Second, you can create an automation with the trigger Schedule, and set the time you need the email to be sent.

Add a search step to get the records from the view you created.

Add an email step to send the email with the required data

You can read more here How to Create Email Digests with Automations | Airtable Support

If this helps, please mark this as Solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha yes, I was actually just searching and I think came across that exact article. Awesome! Really appreciate your quick reply Mohamed - I have marked this as Solution.

Always a pleasure Kosta :slightly_smiling_face:

It is not marked as solution yet though