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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I have what I thought is a pretty straightforward scenario I'm trying to implement, but I can't for the life of me how to implement in practice. 

We have a Web Team and a Marketing Operations team. Each team has its own base within the same workspace. 

The people in the wider marketing team submit requests to the Web Team to add resources to the website through a form in the Web Team's base. Once the Web Team has done all they needed to do, the Marketing Operations team needs to somehow get a hold of the record and do their bits and then update the record with some additional information. The views for each team are slightly different and at the moment I have a synced table in each of their bases, but they're not connected. I can't seem to create an automation from a synced table, and the automation in one table can't create or update records in the synced table either. So I'm a bit stumped. Any idea how I could make this work for both teams? 

Thanks a lot for your help!


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