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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’d like to achieve the following.

When record enters a view, both update that record with a date 90 days in the future and stamp it with the date it entered that view. I can’t jimmy it to make this work with various attempts.

I was trying automations and the last modified field. Both of which won’t work, at least in how I attempted. The problem with last modified is that impacts the record when other, unrelated changes are made.


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You would need to add extra formula fields to your base which are equal to the dates that you want to use as timestamps. You can hide these fields because you don’t need to see them.

Then, for your automation actions, you can set your other date fields to the values of these hidden formula fields.

p.s. Airtable doesn’t recommend using the “when a record enters a view” trigger. Since entering a view is based on filtered conditions, it would be best to trigger your automation for “when a record matches conditions” — based on those same filtered conditions.

Hi Scott,

I’m in a similar situation as Nathan, and I can’t figure out the formula.
I see the CREATED_TIME() formula, but I need a function that will show the date a given record entered a view (this is based on filtered statuses in our company).

So when a record has “Inventory” as one of many statuses, it shows in “INVENTORY” View. It is only there for a short time, but we need to track how long the record is in that view.

Do you have any pointers?

I would just create 2 automations for that:

  1. When the status field is “inventory”, put the current time into a special field.

  2. When the status field is NOT “inventory”, put the current time into another filed.

Thanks, Scott! I’m not sure I know what you mean…could you elaborate?
Should these be formulas or automations?

These are automations that would be triggered by “when a record matches conditions”.