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Timesheet Entries Table filling Invoice Table

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So I’ve finally decided to go pro with Airtable, so cool!

I bumped into a workflow problem, where, for example I have timesheet entries in a timesheet table that each have a corresponding weeknum column, and I’m wondering if it’s possible for an Invoice table to automatically drawout the matching timesheet entries for each week?

I can get things manually working, with an error checking formula that also flags if I’ve made a manual mistake - but I’d really like for the Invoice table to be automated based on the timesheet entries table.

Is this possible? Screenshots below showing the two tables, fairly simple stuff - fingers crossed I can do this with a little guidance.



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Use an Automation.

Trigger: When [Timesheet] record’s {Week} value changes

Step 1: Find records in [Timesheet] table where {Invoice Week} = the {Week} field value from the trigger record.
Step 2: Update record in [Timesheet] table (trigger record’s record ID). Fill the {Invoice} field with the list of record IDs found in Step 1.

Thanks @Kamille_Parks - I discovered Airtable Automation shortly after posting. There’s a fair bit to learn before I’m up and running with this so have spent this morning watching examples - And I can now get a simple Status column Automating to a different status - but am now trying to figure out the Week Number match logic and the publishing of a timesheet entry to an Invoice with a matching week.

Will re-read your steps and see if I can get this working. Appreciate if anyone cares to comment further, or even post a screenshot or two showing some tips.

I’ve watched some more tutorials, and again attempted this automation but haven’t had luck. For some reason the data (the week number) that I’m trying to dymaically compare during a “Processing” trigger is simply not available, as per screenshot.


"This property cannot be used right now"

The property is simply a formulating result from the record date to get the week count;

WEEKNUM({Issue Date})

So the workflow is, I create timesheet record each day in a timesheet table - each timesheet is stamped with its annual week number. At the end of the week, I then create an invoice record - and what I’m trying to automate is any matching timesheets from the weeks end are then linked into that invoice record.

EDIT: So found a video by GAP Consulting that touches on a very similar process - this alternative method that automates the same result seems to work well and I dare say has solved my problem. Automations are awesome!