Update multiple records based on Linked Records

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi to the Community,

My issue concerns 2 tables, which are linked to each other :

  • Objects (art pieces from an art gallery)
  • Transaction : when a client buys one or several of the art pieces, I create a transaction. One of the field of this table is a linked record to the “Objects” table. Therefore I select the different objects bought by the client in this table.

What I’m trying to do is the following : let’s say the client buys Object A and Object B. I would like to automatically update the field “Status” (which is a Single select) in the “Objects” table for BOTH of the objects to “Sold”.

I tried many different things but it seems like it doesn’t work when multiple objects are selected…

Any chance someone could help ?

Thanks a lot !

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Why not have your Automation trigger based on the [Objects] table instead? The trigger might by: when the {link to Transaction table} field is not empty

Or just use a Formula field for the {Status} field instead to do this without an Automation. The formula might be: IF({link to Transaction table}, "Sold", "Not Sold")