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4 - Data Explorer

Hi have a marketplace, people send specific requiriments to search for a seller. sometimes several sellers fullfill the requiriments to be the seller of that client.

How I have thought of this in AirTable? I have a when record matches conditions, find record automation. So with this I can look for the possible sellers of the cleints. But if I want to assign only ONE of the finded reords to taht client? How may I do that?

On my trials, when i try the, update record for showing the seller to the clients, I got all the possible ones…

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You could:

  1. pass the list of matching record Ids to a “Run a script” action using an input.config variable
  2. use simple Javascript to get the first item of the array
  3. pass that item to the Update Record action using output.set

Unfortunately, Airtable doesn’t natively offer the ability to do what you want to do.

As @Kamille_Parks outlined above, one way to do this is with JavaScript.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to dive into coding scripts, you can also do this without any coding at all by using Integromat.

Integromat gives you 2 options for this:
(1) You can limit your search so that it only returns a single record, or
(2) You can filter your automation scenario to only continue onwards with the first search result received.

Other automation tools might be able to do the same thing as well, although I couldn’t find this same functionality in Zapier.