Updates not populating in new views

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all.

I've created an airtable that is populating customer subscription changes via a Zapier integration with our revenue tool, Chargebee.

The changes occur in the "Subscription Status" column in the airtable base:

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 10.34.15 am.png

This is working, however when I try to create new views dedicated to those subscription statuses (active, pause, cancelled, and new), those updates aren't occurring in those views.

Eg. the second record you can see in the screenshot is a new subscription that I created, then paused. Both of these actions were recorded successfully.

However, the subscription itself is not appearing in either the new subscription view (after creation occurred) nor the pause subscriptions view (after pause occurred).

I tried two methods: duplicating the "All Subscriptions" view, and also simply creating a new grid view.

Is there a simple step I'm missing to link new views to the original one?


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You need to set filters on the views to control which records you want to see.

To learn more about views in depth, you may want to take my free Airtable training course, which you can take for free by signing up for a trial membership with LinkedIn Learning: