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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Everyone, i built a script for automating creating tasks for our team for the new leads you can found it on (Automate Task Creation in projects via a script). Now i tried to update linked records and other fields but faced below error:

"Error: Field "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" cannot accept the provided value.

below is the table that should be updated based on the script that I'm trying to create:


and here's the script:

let lead = input.config();

// Find template action items
let templateActionItemsTable = base.getTable("[HIDE] Action Items");
let allTemplateActionItems = await templateActionItemsTable.selectRecordsAsync({fields: templateActionItemsTable.fields});

let templateActionItems = allTemplateActionItems.records.filter(templateActionItem => {
    // check wether action items matching request
    return templateActionItem.getCellValueAsString("Stages") === lead.stageName;

// create template action items in work items table

let actionItems = => {
    return {
        fields: {
            "action-item": templateActionItem.getCellValue("Action Items"),
            "Stage": {
                name: lead.stageName
            "Lead": [{
                 id: lead.recordId
            "Assignee": [
                {id: lead.assigneeId},

let workItemsTable = base.getTable("Work Items");
await workItemsTable.createRecordsAsync(actionItems);

and here's the inputs:




what i want to add/update in addition to (Lead, Assignee) is the following:

((   Due Date (date), Due Date (date) + Formula, Completed (checkbox)   ))

* Due Date (date) + Formula: what I meant by this is that I want to manipulate the date based on a formula.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, im learning Airtable scripting, but I think you cannot use id here:

      "Lead": [{
                 id: lead.recordId
            "Assignee": [
                {id: lead.assigneeId}


try to use:

name: [name_primary_field]