Updating date field with automation gives the wrong day!

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all

I’m using an automation to update a date field with the last modified date but it’s updating the field with the previous day’s date. I’m assuming it may have something to do with timezones but not sure. Anyone got any ideas?

Here’s a loom to show the issue:-



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Is there any particular reason why you need an Automation for this as opposed to a Last Modified Time field set to only look at the Checkbox field?

If you really do need an Automation, I would try some means of forcing your {Last Modified} field to output a string value instead of a “real” date value. While Airtable displays the date correctly, from your perspective, in that field the value in actuality is in ISO format (I think), so depending on where you are in the world it may result in an incorrect date showing after being passed through an automated process.

Thanks Kamille

I did have it that way using a formula but I need the user to be able to edit the Dispatch Date if there was a delay. That’s why I’ve opted for a date field that can be updated by the automation or the user.

I’ve resolved it by using a formula to add 12 hours to the Last Modified Time - DATEADD({LMT}, 12,“hours”) and then using this value in the automation.



4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’d like to add a similar query.
Using a Formula created date, the automation is giving it a value of one day later.
The Formula date is correct, but running the Automation adds a day, leading to the date being misplaced on the calendar (goal of automation).
I do not have this issue with standard dates running through the automation.

Screenshot 2020-10-22 153448

I’ve modified time/date formats- in the table & automation, modified the formulas, but the additional date still pops up. I do not think that switching to GMT or subtracting time will give a consistent outcome.

Any ideas?

p.s - Sharing and Importing a Calendar view does the same thing. Correct dates in the Airtable Calendar view & formula dates are 1 day later in Synced calendar.