URL breaks in send-Gmail automation

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I've created a simple automation that uses a Gmail account to send out an email. The triggering and the sending work beautifully.

The text of the email (as I've entered it into the Automations field for this) includes a personalized URL pulled from the individual record. The URL is a link to an Airtable form that has been *prefilled* for this particular recipient. The problem is that the link comes through very ugly.

At first I thought the link was broken, but it appears that it's not. It's clickable. But it's ugly as sin, and I have some non-tech-savvy recipients of this email who may find that link kind of scary.

I tried to format the link like a normal HTML link.



<a href="https://etc">Click here for something wonderful!</a>



And I tried using Markdown as well.  But neither seems to work.

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Well, never mind. I live in Markdown 24/7, but I must have done something wrong when I was testing earlier and getting frustrated. I finally got it to work (quite nicely, I should add), using a bog-standard Markdown link syntax.


[Click here!](https://www.somewhere.etc....)


Anyway, problem solved. Sorry for the post. Working on a deadline and gave up a little too quickly.