Want to Use New Record Data for Building a Calendar Automation

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys!

I was working on syncing Calendly with Airtable through Google Calendar to create a new event in my view. I realized I needed to include a company name for easier tagging so I went back into Calendly and added a company name in the questionnaire. I filled it out as a test and want to retrigger the data so I could add that field to the automation. Similar to how in Zapier you can find new records to test with. Is this possible?

I tried creating a new automation to find the new data with included the company name but it pulled the same old record. Thanks!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey @Jack_Knutson! Audrey from Airtable here :wave:t2:

I noticed that you haven’t gotten any responses from the community yet and wanted to jump in, but I need a little more information here.

So that we can understand your specific use-case a little more in-depth, would you be able to create a short screen recording (1-2 min. max) of your base (including your automation and your calendly/google calendar) and show us specifically what you’re trying to accomplish? With a screen recording, myself or someone from the community will likely be able to get you a pretty personalized answer rather quickly, as opposed to messaging back and forth multiple times. You can make a free screen recording through CloudApp, Loom, or

Thanks for being part of our community :sparkles: