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So I’m really confused about where JSON inputs figure in Webhook Automation with scripter combinator.

Let me explain - so I have a webhook - let’s call it whatever here is a random one:

So I’ve just configured it with Insomnia and everything works and comes back with Success and that’s great - I’m excited but…

I want to pass variables to this Webhook… however no matter what I try it just doesn’t register. Here is the JSON I’m passing to my Webhook:

{“Company”: “HereBoy”, “Text”: “More Flavor”}

Here is my code in the script:

let table = base.getTable("SMS");
let inputC = input.config(); 
await table.updateRecordAsync('rec69N1WoIfzlUXJ1', {
    "LinkID" : inputC.Company,

Webhook seems to be registering the values that are coming in when I check:

Shared with CloudApp

But when it’s a “set in stone” text it works - however my custom variable isn’t registered… if I could pass custom variables to the webhook for my script to work with that would be soooo awesome… maybe I’m fetching them wrong?

Thank you!

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