Webhook URLs are suddnely returning a 404

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7 - App Architect

So this is fun… suddenly my Webhooks are returning 404’s… it was working literally 15 minutes ago… oh well

Any idea why this is happening? I’ll check the previous webhooks I’ve created but very conufsed as to the sudden change to 404 errors

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You have to POST JSON data to the webhook. You can’t send a GET request (which is also the same as visiting the URL in a web browser).

You can learn more about Airtable’s incoming webhooks here:

If you’re looking for a GET webhook, you would need to use a webhook automation service like (which also supports POST requests).

Thanks Scott for that!

It is not obvious from the short description on trigger it needs to be POST. There should be a link explaining their understanding of it.

From quick testing it looks that for example - you cannot send data via query parameters, but sending body in application/json format works like a charm.

It seems it also accepts form data - so you could technically submit any html form data to airtable - which is super cool.

If any Airtable team is watching the threads above info on trigger page, would be super useful!

Dealing with incoming webhooks has lots of technical details. I recommend referring to the support page.

As @kuovonne mentioned above, all of this information is already included in Airtable‘s support article on webhooks:

@ScottWorld yes, clearly stated in the docs. I am thinking reducing functionality of webhooks to one http method is non-obvious choice, so more people might get caught.

I just tested and it can be well used to capture submission from ANY html form! For example something with more custom design, hidden input variables or for people struggling to capture forms on Wordpress sites. This is super easy just to add webhook url in action and method=“POST”

I just did a quick example here: Mind blown! Send data from ANY HTML form to Airtable with the new webhook automation trigger. - YouT...

<form action="" method="POST">
  <label for="fname">First name:</label><br>
  <input type="text" id="fname" name="fname" value="John"><br>
  <label for="lname">Last name:</label><br>
  <input type="text" id="lname" name="lname" value="Doe"><br><br>
  <input type="submit" value="Submit">

A question though and I don’t see this in the docs - Anyway to customize response instead {success: true} ?.

In the use case above it would be super useful to reply with 302 and Location header to e.g. a “Thank you” page.

Heyy… so… just wanted to let you guys know I know it’s been a while but I have fixed this issue… form memory… I don’t remember what I did… not sure if I should mark as closed or if I did. Thank you for following up if you have. Chrs

No, this is not possible. This is one of the many reasons that I recommend that people use for their professional webhook needs.

Unlike Airtable’s webhooks, not only supports GET webhooks, POST webhooks, and custom mailhooks, but they also support custom webhook responses as well:

And Make’s Airtable integrations support more Airtable functionality than Airtable’s own native automations do:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Does someone knows if Webhook Automations are reliable? 

Did somebody succeeded to get a success message with a fetch call or axios call or anything manually

and NOT Make/Zapier or other nocode tools?


If yes... Can you post a code snippet?