'When a record matches conditions" Malfunctioning

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

So we’re managing our project management status on Airtable and we have ‘project management stage’ field(single selection) in the master view. I’ve set up an automation based on this field, using ‘when a record matched conditions’ as a trigger.

It worked well, when the ‘project management stage’ field started to meet the condition that I set up. HOWEVER, what’s really frustrating is that the automation keeps getting triggered even though there is no change/update on the data field that I set up as the automation trigger. I checked all the change history of the record, but no change has been made to the field.

Why is it happening? Why is it so buggy? This is extremely frustrating especially when we try to use this feature for external-facing purpose.

I’ve been an advocate for using Airtable in our team, but I keep losing trust in Airtable whenever I see this kind of sloppy bugs and malfunctions. If the feature is not fully ready and tested, Airtable team SHOULD NOT release the feature to customers. Airtable might be able to create more marketing mateirals based on these new roll-outs, but guess who suffers from the product defects.

Sorry for the rant for those who don’t work for Airtable, but it’d be great if I can get some help with this.


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I haven’t seen this issue before. Can you post some screenshots of your automation and your base?