When form is submitted, update record in another table?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a set of records that are connected for our market garden. 

One is a "Bed history" table that keeps track of all events that happen in a garden bed. One of these events is "transplanting."

"Transplanting" is linked to another set of records called "Nursery" - which is a record of the crop, date and how much was sown into the nursery. 

When the Nursery ID crops are transplanted, the user will submit a form through the Bed Records table, which will record which garden bed Nursery ID was transplanted into.

It should also update the Nursery ID record in the Nursery table to have the transplant date and change it's status from "In nursery" to "transplanted". This is where I am coming unstuck. I have tried creating an automation to do this on the "Transplant" for submit, but am having no luck. Where am I going wrong?



Nursery ID is the record from the Nursery and is selected when the user submits the transplant form.

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

The record ID you're using to update a Nursery record is the ID of the record from your trigger step (which is in Events), therefore this record is not found in Nursery.

Instead of the trigger record ID, you'll want to update record on the record IDs from the trigger record's linked record field. Make sure to set the display of the linked record value to ID:









Hope that helps!

 Great, thanks, that works Stephen! I had tried that, but I hadn't changed the "Display" to "ID" - I don't really understand this step. So I learn something from this, could you explain what this is doing?

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

You're welcome! Glad it worked. 

This field is expecting a record ID in order to identify which record to update.

Linked record fields have two underlying values: a name and an ID.

When referencing them in the automation builder, they can either be displayed as their name or record ID. You might want their name if including them in an email body, for example, and their ID when referencing them in an Update Record step like this.

Glad I could help! Please feel free to mark my previous comment as the solution. I appreciate it! 🙂