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Hi everyone!

We have a “next in line” projects view in which the projects get added manually. I have created an automation that when a project gets updated whilst it is in this view, it gets a certain value. I used the When a record is updated and it seems to work fine. However as the projects get added manually to the view, it seems to trigger directly as the value gets updated when it is newly created. Is there a way to prevent the creation of a new record to trigger the automation?

I tried searching for a workaround but can’t seem to find something.


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Hi @Julian_Hogendoorn and welcome to the community!

Just out of curiosity, isn’t it logic that your automation triggers when a newly added record fulfils your requirements? If you don’t want that field to change, should you add it in that view?

For those new records, when do you want that automation to kick in?

Hi @Databaser, thanks for your answer!

So project records automatically count the number of applications they get. I would like the automation to kick in when they receive a new application. Some get placed in que when they have 0, others start at 3 applications. Basically I want the automation to check only after it has been put in que.

I also tried “When a record matches condition” trigger with condition applications > 0, but some already start at > 0 so that doesn’t work. I would need something that triggers when application count increases by 1.

Maybe you could add a “last modified” field that only looks at the “number of applications” field for changes. Your automation could then be set to only trigger when that field is modified. When you add a new record via a form, it won’t trigger since the “last modified field” will stay empty.

I like the idea! I tried it but unfortunately this does not work because the # of applications is a lookup. The last modified field only allows for non-computed fields :frowning:

It’s a workaround, but you could use an automation to update a new field that uses the input from the lookup “# of applications” field (trigger: “when record updated”) and then take it from there.