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4 - Data Explorer
Hi all ,

I currently have 3 table in 1 database, one "mentor", one "mentee" and a third "pair".
I want to be able to match a mentor and a mentee with 2 criteria such as their cities and their fields of activity and thus insert them in "pairs".
But I can only put a trigger on one table.

Do you have a solution to target 2 tables in the automation?
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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Try using a different trigger based on one table, and then do a “Find Records” action to look for records that match in the other table. For example, the trigger could be when a [mentee] has a city and a field of activity, but no linked [pair]. Then have a “Find Records” action that looks for a [mentor] in the same city with the same field of activity. Note however, if mentees could have multiple cities or fields of activities, it might be difficult to find a partial match (e.g. a mentor in one of the cities with only one of the fields of activities) without scripting.