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A different kind of spreadsheet usage

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We are using a different weekly excel sheet for our projects in our company.
Could this be implemented ?

The main difference is i need to create daily fields to edit the current status on that day

It looks like a gantt chart with editabe date status fields…
Every week our company edits this excel for the next week/every week…

Can i make st. like this ?

Any ideas are appriciated… Thanks to all users and ideas…

PS:I couldn’t put any link or image in post sorry i will send if you have an idea

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here’s the image to table i need

Hi @Kutluhan_Aykut,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

What you are trying to do is easily done in Airtable. However, I would not recommend this setup as it will not give you any data later.

You can do it in several other ways and it would then give you much more data and help you track the items in better ways.

One idea would be to make it in the form of a log. Meaning, each date will have a separate Record (row) with a different Date and status.

Not sure if this serves your purpose though.


I will try the “log” idea thanks