Add a list of countries to a single select field

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4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for taking a look at this.

This seems a simple question but I can’t work out the best approach.
I want to be able to choose the country where a company is located. More specifically I want a user to be able to choose from a list of companies in a TypeForm and then connect the form to an AT table.

Adding 200 countries to a single select field in AT seems not the right way to do it but putting them in a separate table means Typeform will not be able to send the data to AT. [Why do I say this: (1) because I can find no way to copy and paste a list of options into a AT Single Select field (2) the AT-Typeform integration is very pernickety in relation to exact match of options]


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The easiest way to do this would be to create a single-select field called “country”.

Then, you can paste a return-delimited list of your 200 country names into this field, and Airtable will automatically add all of those values into your single-select options.

Note that Airtable will increase the number of records in your table to accommodate all 200 country names, but you can delete the extraneous records afterwards.

Other ways of doing this:

  • A text field can be converted to a single-select field, and the text values will be added into your single-select options.

  • Create a single-select field, and import 200 country records into that field. (Each record would represent one country name.)