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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Guys !! I have a cattle management database and I do WEIGHTING every month for around 1000 animals. I need to keep record of each animal monthly weight. I have that info thru a RFID Hardware, and can export that data to txt, csv or google sheets, but I want to SHOW that info within the animal profile.

Today, I´m creating ONE LINKED RECORD for each monthly weight which makes me create thousands of records, hundreds for each animal, and does not make any sense …

Any ideas hoy can I accomplish something similar without creating so many records ?

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Thanks Guys !!

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You might get tremendous benefit from using On2Air: Amplify, which lets you create custom user interfaces within Airtable:

Thanks but I wont pay for another solution, when I think it can be accomplished with Airtable …

Yep - this is a common challenge and especially the case in Airtable because of the relatively low records ceiling.

One approach - import monthly weighting records as line-delimited rows inside a long test field. If your weighting data is simply a date/time and weight, you could get about 5,000 weighting records in a single Airtable record. I suspect no cow will live five thousand months. :winking_face:

The challenge is two-fold:

  1. You must create a custom integration script (using the script block is one way) that reads the CSV and possess the logic to append new weighting records to the long text field.

  2. You must consider how to use that long text field as data such as charting the weight of each animal, or performing aggregate metrics across multiple animals.

This approach solves the space/record limitations but creates a few new challenges.