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Aggerate contact records in the same organization into 1 record, make customizations

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Our team needs to aggregate data from multiple records with shared fields, so if Record 1 and Record 2 are both located in Paris, and they have Salaries of $45,000 and $55,000 respectively, then the total spend for Paris based consultants would be $100,000. We see that grouping the records by shared fields does sum it up but doesn't entirely give us what we are looking for. The problem with the grouping is that:
It automatically expands; instead of showing the values (or combined values) it just shows "Filled _" or "Unique _",  and if two records have 2 dates listed we want the ability to set the primary to the earliest or oldest, or vise versa - no customization of this nature
We are hoping for a simple process, to be able to just import a data file into our one working table and automatically give us this view in the least possible steps.
Any ideas is appreciated!
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Hm, might want to try importing into a linked field to another table and using a rollup field with the formula `SUM(values)`

With reference to your example you'd import the value "Paris" into the linked field, which should do what you're looking for

Hey Adam_TheTimeSave,

This works! I overlooked that rollup feature. Thanks so much for your response.