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Restrict the access to record

I have two tables Properties list and Budget. In the Properties table, I have a user field that we can assign the property manager to that particular property and that manager is only able to view and edit the Budget(budget table) details belonging t...

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Make lookup or rollup field editable based on condition

I just created a budget table, and three fields(cost, products, and source) are integrated with the product table  (pulling the cost field from the product table when I choose a particular product from the budget table). if the cost field is empty or...

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Populate field with location from user

HiThis must be possible!?So I want to populate an Airtable from a front end? I want users to be able to create records.As part of the user sign up process, I will capture their address/location.When they create a record, I want airtable to p...

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How to track Beta Program participant sign-ups

Hi - I'm looking for help building a tracker for customers that sign-up for beta programs. I have a table for Customers. And I have a table with a list of Beta Programs.For each beta program, they will have a google form where customers can be nomina...

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Base Synchronization

Hello everyone. I have a question here and would like to get your answer to it. If we have many bases in one particular workspace, and some are synced bases and some are source bases, let's say A is a source base and B is a synced base whose data is ...

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Resolved! Pie Chart

I want to make a pie chart that i already know the % for. Can I do that?

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Lookup Fields - How To Display Certain Columns?

Hello, attached is a screenshot.  I am interested in having "time sheets" as a view that is linkable to a project.  I have made this work using lookup fields, but this seems to only display the first 4 columns from "Time Sheets".  I tried creating a ...

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